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Today we’re going to talk about a platform called cloudways, which is unusual in that it not only provides cloud hosting via other cloud infrastructure platforms, but it also handles those cloud hosting services for you, so you can just install wordpress or another CMS and go. It’s really reasonable, and if you’re interested, there’s a terrific three-day free trial, but today, as usually, we’re going to go into a complete review of cloudways.

We’ll go through some of the benefits and features to help you decide if this web hosting service is perfect for you. So, if you’re interested, go ahead and look it up. right now Cloudways is a true pioneer of cloud hosting, and cloud hosting comes with a slew of benefits that can aid you in the creation and design of your website, including higher uptime, more flexible scalability, and better performance than a typical web host. There are also some fantastic features here, such as the option to incorporate redundancies that improve the performance and security of your site, based on the amount of traffic it receives. You can scale it up and down to adapt to traffic spikes, but those of you who have tried to set up a cloud hosting service previously know how complex and hard it can be. Fortunately, cloudways takes steps to ensure that this is not a problem, and they provide you with all of the materials and tools you’ll need to create a great website.

So let’s take a look at some of the features. As we noted, one of the wonderful things about Cloudways is its versatility. It allows you to choose from a wide selection of top cloud providers, and Cloudways will help you manage everything. One thing to keep in mind if you’ve done a lot of research on web hosting platforms is that if you’ve done a lot of research on web hosting platforms, cloudways will help you manage everything. This isn’t a standard web hosting platform, and they don’t provide email or domain registration. So you’ll need to find an outside email service if you want your own email address on your domain. Digitalocean, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud Platforms are just a handful of the cloud providers that cloudway offers.

Cloudways offers a variety of pre-designed hosting plans, each with its own combination of bandwidth and storage. Simply choose your hosting provider and plan, and you’re ready to go. One really cool feature is that you can pick whether to pay by the month or by the hour, and regardless of whatever option you pick, you can host as many sites and applications as you like on that plan, subject to your bandwidth and storage constraints.

If you’re looking for WordPress hosting, Cloudways makes it simple with one-click installations, backups, and restores, as well as a built-in cache plugin. the ability to grow your wordpress server and migrate as many wordpress blogs as you want for free with the wordpress migrator plugin Even for those of you who aren’t particularly familiar with WordPress, it’s quite simple and user-friendly.

Cloudways also has an excellent staging area where you can test everything you add to your WordPress website before it goes live. If you’re running a business with numerous other individuals, this is also a wonderful option for teams and account management. You’ll be able to establish separate accounts for each team member and limit their access to different elements of the server. This is an excellent feature for ensuring that your team members don’t have access to everything, but you may customize it to meet your specific requirements.


Cloudways also has a lot of security features that are great for protecting you and your users, including as two-factor authentication, regular OS patches, firewalls, and auto healing servers, which basically means that if your website starts to slow down for any reason, the servers will take pre-programmed steps to get it back up and running. There are also automatic backups here, so you don’t have to worry about losing data.

You’ll also get free SSL certificates, which is always a plus; this will keep your website protected and safeguard all of your site visitors’ data. As for how easy it is to use Cloudways, it’s really simple and user friendly. It’s basically made to make your life as simple as possible. The control panel contains all of the capabilities you’ll need, from one-click WordPress installations to storage and ram scaling. It also has free wordpress site migration, which can be a little more complicated if you’re looking to migrate your website, but there are experts who will actually do everything for you if you choose, which is a great feature because it means you don’t have to worry about doing it properly. They will only do it free once, but if you only have one website that you’re interested in migrating if you only have one website that you’re interested in migrating if you only have one website

The cloudways control panel has a monitoring function with over a dozen real-time choices for keeping a watch on your server, as well as capabilities like vertical scalability, advanced app control, server cloning, cache management, and a slew of other advantages that cpanel typically lacks. Cloudways bot is a fantastic smart hosting assistant that will keep you up to date on the health of your website and cloud server, and you can integrate it into things like slack email or an api, and it will basically just provide notifications to you based on your website needs, and if you are confused for any reason, the cloudways knowledgebase has a ton of information. So have a look there to see if it can help you get back on track with whatever problem you’re having.

Let us now turn our attention to performance. Cloudwaze has a really cool technology called thunderstack, which basically combines multiple characteristics from several server technologies to give you fully optimized wordpress hosting with improved speed. Cloudways has more than two dozen data centers across the world, allowing you to select the most appropriate location for your website. There is a guaranteed uptime here, as with many other web hosting services. There is also a nice log, and you can keep a watch on any performance difficulties on a particular dedicated page currently in terms of uptime. Just keep in mind that it depends a lot on how your site is structured and whatever cloud infrastructure it uses, so this will be highly personal to you. As a user, you now have some help alternatives if you run into any troubles. Cloudways now offers 24/7 365 assistance for guaranteed peace of mind. This support is now available through email, phone requests, and live chat with customer care experts. In general, responses are swift, taking about 30 to 60 seconds on average. Please remember that only full accounts are able to send assistance tickets. If you want advanced support on some of the more difficult technical issues, you’ll need to upgrade to obtain access to that feature. If you want to get advanced support on some of the more difficult technical issues, you’ll need to purchase an advanced or premium support add-on.

Now, in terms of the chat experience, it wasn’t half awful; the agents were pleasant and took the time to ask specific questions and clarify my needs before giving recommendations. Now, it wasn’t flawless, and there were some gaps in the information I was provided, but the agent did their best, and I was happy with the service overall.

Now let’s talk about pricing. As we mentioned, you can really customize this pricing to your liking whether it’s monthly or hourly. Obviously, if you use cloudways, you’ll pay more than if you went directly to the cloud providers, but what you’re paying for is the cloudways control panel security and support assistance, which is honestly worth the money because it’ll help your site.

So you’re never overpaying for server resources you’re not utilizing. Also, if you’re interested in cloudways, you can sign up for a free three-day trial. Three days isn’t a lot of time, but it’ll give you a good understanding of how the server operates. There is no particular money-back guarantee, but as this is a pay-as-you-go service, it doesn’t really matter, and if you have any unused prepaid account funds, cloudways can reimburse them to you. You should also keep in mind that there are no free backups here; you will be charged per gigabyte of storage utilized regardless of the server provider or data center location you select. This makes sense given the overall pricing scheme, but it’s worth noting. In the end, cloudways hosting is a fantastic option.

Option for people who desire the benefits of cloud hosting but don’t want to deal with the technical aspects of putting up your site yourself or hiring a developer to do it for you. The bottom line is that cloudways is an amazing hosting choice for you if you want to develop anything from a simple website to a complicated project.

In any case, we hope you found this review useful. Do a speedtest for this website if you want to see how fast it is with a full website installed (this one is hosted on cloudways).

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